These are the early days of the 1962 shorty shortly,(no pun intended) after the loss of 36". Thie middle double doors have been cut out to allow for a 48" wheel base. This give new meaning to the definition of SHORT BUS.

Parts, parts, and more parts, this is a layout of all of the major pieces before assembly.

I found this bus on THE SAMBA. It was located in Minnesota. In late November of 2010 my boys Deven, Chase and I drove up for a boys weekend. My boys thought it was so cool to swim in a pool while it was snowing just out side the window where we stayed in Fargo North Dakota, prior to picking up the shorty. On the way up we stopped by the SAC museum, it was awesome. If you are also an aircraft enthusast like we are, you'll enjoy this museum. There are aircraft that you can get up close and personal with that you may never see again.

This is roughly how the bus looks today, minus the paint and some other fixtures. Weve been grinding out poor craftmanship, rust and other anomolies that I dont want in the vehicle. I work for a major Propane whole sale company and plan on installing a propane conversion on the engine.

The pink engine has got to go, it wasn't my idea. The original intention was to give it to the previous owners daughter.