Charlie Epp

1967 Beetle Convertible

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It's a 1967 that was being sold as a parts car when I got it.   It was loaded with rust. 

It spent the next 2 1/2 years in the body shop having all of the rust cut out and new metal welded back into its place.  The top is a Stayfast canvas, and the interior is by Sewfine. 

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The steering wheel is a genuine EMPI GTV.

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The engine is a new Type 1 case, which was spot faced, stuffed with a Gene Berg 86mm counterweighted crankshaft and 90.5mm CIMA pistons.  GB 297a cam, new Gene Berg ported, polished and cc'd heads with 40mm x 37.5mm valves.  Carbs are Weber 42 DCNFs, with mated intake manifolds that have been ported and polished to the heads, as well.  Berg 1 5/8" exhaust ALL the way out, which has been HPC coated!   NO heater boxes on this baby!  Full flow oiling with a Berg pump/cover and a HP-1 filter tucked up under the left rear fender.  Fan shroud is a geniune German Thing (181) shroud which has since been modified for the Type IV oil cooler to make sure everything stays cool.  It has a 3 1/2 quart deep sump for reserve oil.  A Berg traction bar keeps everything on the ground.  A lightened flywheel is wedgemated to an eight dowel pined crankshaft.  The engine received a full balance job, as well!

The front end has been narrowed 3", sway-aways installed and 2 1/2" dropped CB spindles on the front.  The front also received a set of disc brakes from a Karmann Ghia.  The rear end was dropped by turning two clicks of the torsion bars, along with a set of Type 3 brakes out back.  Wheels are 15" 5.5" chromies with 205/65/15 rubber out back and 145s up front. 

If you have any questions about my VW, send me an e-mail.

Posted by WEBMASTER on December 13, 2011.