Matt and Gail Brickell

1983 VW Pickup LX

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Bought the truck about 6 years ago, ( 2000? ), Matt flew to Portland,
OR to get it, and drove it back to Kansas City.  The seller's wife was
literally in labor as I arrived at the airport, so we went to the
hospital first, where I waited for the baby to be born!  Afterwards, at
about midnight, we went over to the guy's house and I picked up the
truck.  All involved, including the relatives in the waiting room,
thought it was hilarious that the day I arrived was the day the baby
came.  160-ish thousand miles, original paint.

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Built in Westmoreland, PA, and since I'm from PA originally, I think
that's kinda cool.

1983 was the last year for the pickup, and the only year for the built
in bed tie downs.  Virtually no '83s were sold, since production was
stopped early in the 1983 run.  The vast majority of pickups are1981 or
1982, therefore.  Quite few '83s.

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Mods are minor.  Neuspeed upper and lower strut braces, stock 1983 GTI
sport seats, Neuspeed steering wheel, stock GTI front springs,
bedliner, GTI speedo and tach, 14" VW steelies.

A small rarity is power steering, very uncommon on the pickups.

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